Sex Pistols decline invitation to perform at Olympic closing ceremony

Punk rock pioneers The Sex Pistols turned down an invitation to perform at the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, it was reported Tuesday.

The Times of London said organizers had hoped the 1970s icons would take part in the show, called "A Symphony of British Music" alongside reported acts like Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Blur, The Spice Girls and Adele. But a disagreement over the nominal £1 fee paid to artists is said to have deterred front man Johnny Rotten from agreeing to perform.

Instead of The Sex Pistols, officials hope to convince The Clash to represent the punk music movement at the Ceremony. The biggest effect of the switch would be that music snobs will be telling you why "London Calling" isn't a proper song to play at an Olympics rather instead of "God Save the Queen."

Even if you think Sid Vicious was the best thing to come out of Britain since fish and chips, it's hard to see the downside in The Sex Pistols sitting this one out. Sure, the band is emblematic of a certain time in British music and would fit with the Ceremony's theme. But do we really want to have to deal with "Johnny Rotten curses in front of 100 million viewers" or "Sex Pistols lead singer flips off the Queen" stories during our Olympic afterglow? If ever there was an artist who would do something notorious just to get attention on the world's biggest stage, it'd be John Lydon (mainly because Kanye West isn't British).

The Closing Ceremony of the London Game will take place Aug. 12.