The seven strangest scenes from the Opening Ceremony

Heading into Friday's Opening Ceremony, we were told not to expect the spectacle that took place in Beijing. And while Vancouver didn't have fireworks sprinting across the sky, it certainly had its own share of bizarre moments. Let's relive them together.

Right off the bat, things got weird. These gigantic ice statues popped out of the fake ice floor looking like either the inflatable arm guys that are so popular with car dealerships, or some sort of island artifact from "LOST." Surrounded by Aboriginal dancers, this is how we knew things were going to be excellent.

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There was a wizard on hand casting happiness spells on the crowd. Plus he was wearing man Uggs — the mark of a true alchemist.

Not a lot of people know that grunge violin is even a musical genre, but it is one of Canada's finest exports. It's also fun trying to figure out whether those are giant maple leaves or if this is just a tiny grunge violinist.

This was the part of the show that was a tribute to "Super Mario Brothers." I think it's level four.

One of the oldest Canadian myths is that of the fiddling Batman in the moon. It's a reference to Canadian comedian Jim Carrey's roles in "Batman Forever" and "Man on the Moon."

Though not a sponsor of the Olympic Games, Coca-Cola will be happy to see their polar bear get recognized for its contributions to Canadian culture. In Canada, the Coca-Cola is made with real maple syrup.

"Yeah, China. We see your flying sprinter and we raise you several floating skiers and snowboarders. Your move."

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