Samoan rugby manager fined 100 pigs for World Cup antics

Chris Chase
Fourth-Place Medal

The manager of the Samoan rugby team was fired, then fined 100 pigs for bringing disgrace to his village due to the team's poor performance at last month's World Cup.

Tuala Matthew Vaea incurred the fine after players and team officials complained that he neglected his duties at the event in New Zealand, treating the tournament as a "massive holiday" and spending too much time drinking with friends. His village council determined he had disgraced the village and tarnished his chiefly rank.

The news was reported by Television New Zealand's Pacific correspondent Barbara Dreaver. She said the action was "extremely serious" and sends a message that Samoa supports the players. Those players, including the team captain, said the behavior of the coaches and officials affected their ability to play well.

This all may be true. Or the Samoan players may be looking to scapepig their coach. Have you been around rugby players before? Spending too much time drinking with friends is practically a training requirement. Not to say that they aren't well-conditioned athletes; they are. But if there's a stereotype that rugby players enjoy the occasional nip, it's a stereotype for a reason.

The female pigs were valued at $2,500.

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