Sage Kotsenburg's snowboarding playlist features metal, metal and more metal

The Sochi Games began Thursday morning (that's Russia time) at Extreme Park, where the snowboarders were making magic in the air. The competition kicked off with qualifying rounds of men's slopestyle, a new-to-the-Olympics downhill competition that combines the trickery of skateboarding with powdery snow.

Slopestyle is an exciting event (check out our viewer's guide) that is making its Olympics debut after being popularized in the X-Games. Given its history and its orgins, it's a not a surprise that the athletes bring some flair to the course. And some tunes too.

Sage Kotsenburg, one of the U.S. snowboarders, shared his playlist before the first slopestyle runs. It was metal, metal and more metal — some of it, in fact, older than he is. He's 20, born in 1993. Judas Priest's "Nightcrawler", for example, came out in 1990.

Black Sabbath's popular "Iron Man" dates back to 1970, while Judas Priest's "Judas Rising" is a bit more recent. It came out in 2005. Cradle of Filth is the most obscure band on Kotsenburg's playlist. They're an "extreme metal" band from England that dates back to the early '90s. He chose their cover of Iron Maiden's iconic 1982 song "Hallowed Be Thy Name" and their 2008 original, "Death of Love." 

Kotsenburg is doing what you might call headbanging beyond his years.

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