Sage Kotsenburg's message: 'Keep it spoice!!'


Sage Kotsenburg has a message for the world: “Keep it spoice!!” NBC tweeted a photo of the 20-year-old U.S. gold medalist a day after he won the inaugural men’s snowboarding slopestyle finals in Sochi. In the photo, Kotsenburg is shown kissing his gold medal beneath a colorful array of doodles and writing.

Within minutes of the NBC Olympics Twitter handle tweeting the photo, #Whatisspoice was trending.

For all those people out there who aren’t well-versed in snowboarding lingo, Urban Dictionary defines spoice as “an exclamation of gratitude towards life. It's the proper word to use when you find yourself in a situation involving a multitude of positive things at once. You may only utter it with pure joy behind it." It is “derived from snowboarding culture by people living in dreamworld.”

Spoice is noice, y’all.

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The following are a few more snowboarding terms for all you non-snow bunnies out there.

Shreddin’ the gnar: Going skiing or riding

Pow: Short for powder snow

Kicker/Booter: Names for jumps

Stomp: Term used when you land a trick

Chatter: When the snowboard shakes because of rough terrain

Bail: A term for a crash or fall

Yard sale: A rough fall when someone’s equipment falls off and goes everywhere

Arctic cougar: An older woman who goes for really young men on the mountain or in the lodge

Blue bird day: A beautiful day for skiing/riding