Ryan Lochte is selling these sunglasses on his website (PHOTO)

Chris Chase

If you're a big Ryan Lochte fan for whom seeing and looking good isn't important, then this is the pair of sunglasses for you. They're available for sale at the swimmer's official website for $19.99 and are a must-have for your Olympic-viewing parties this summer.

They're also guaranteed to lead to the following "Today" segment during the Olympics:

Matt Lauer: Good morning and welcome to London for a very special edition of  "Today" on this very special Wednesday. We're being joined at the top by a very special guest: 200-meter backstroke gold medalist Ryan Lochte.

Ann Curry: But first, we have a live interview with American swimmer Ryan Lochte.

Matt Lauer: (Stares at Ann, shakes head. Turns back to Lochte) Ryan, how are you this morning. Wearing your gold medal proudly, I see?

Ryan Lochte: Jeah. (Bites gold medal with his grill, acknowledges cheering throng behind him.) Great to be here, Matt and Al ...

Ann Curry: (Meekly) And Ann.

Ryan Lochte: (Continues) ... It was a special night last night. And I just want to think all the fans for being there and pushing me through that last 50.

Al Roker: Well, Ryan, my grills got flagged at customs, but luckily I was able to sneak these through. (Puts on the Lochte sunglasses) And speaking of fans, here we have (pulls out young girl from the crowd with Ryan Lochte sign and custom-made grills) -- what's your name sweetheart?

Britney Randolph: (Nervously) Britney Randolph.

Al Roker: And where are you from, Britney Randolph?

Britney Randolph: Boyertown, Pennsylvania!

Al Roker: And, Britney, you're a big Ryan Lochte fan, I understand?

Britney Randolph: Uh-huh, yeah. (Smiles) The biggest.

Al Roker: Well, Britney, I think Ryan may have a special pair of sunglasses just for you.

(Lochte hands her a pair. She giggles and thanks him.)

Al Roker: Go ahead, put 'em on.

(She puts them on.)

Al Roker: You might say Britney has ... stars in her eyes.

(Ann Curry laughs a little too hard at the joke.)

Matt Lauer: We'll be back in three minutes with Hoda and Kathie Lee trying to make an English trifle while chugging Guinness aboard a model of the Concorde. This is "Today" on NBC.

Put it in the book. That's as guaranteed as Kathie Lee making a suggestive joke about English bobbies.