Russian fans meme their outrage over ‘no goal’ vs. Team USA (Photo)

"Check this out. I can now stand behind the net."

SOCHI, Russia – While the rest of the hockey world obsesses over T.J. Oshie’s shootout prowess, Russian fans are obsessing over another aspect of their Olympic preliminary round loss to Team USA: That “no goal” with just over three minutes left in regulation, which could have handed Russia the victory.

Fedor Tyutin thought he scored it, but the officials and video review waived it off because the right post of Jonathan Quick’s net was nearly off its mooring.

This set off outrage among Russian fans … outrage that was soon channeled into Internet mockery, as is hockey fan traditional across the globe.

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The image above appeared on social media after the game, featuring an American goalie (who looks suspiciously like Robert Luongo) standing behind his own cage.

The caption: "Check this out. I can now stand behind the net."

That’s not where the fun ended, at the expense of Team USA or the game officials.

With translation from Puck Daddy’s own Dmitry Chesnokov, some of the “no goal” memes floating around Russian social media:


“USA can not. The ref will help.”

Caption: “Now it’s clear why Americans are so weak in soccer. You can’t move the net there.”


“It was a goal! Even we saw it.”

Obama: “There was no goal!”

Ref: “What do you mean there was no goal Barack Husseinovich? They’ll kill me!”

Caption (we kid you not):

“Suspected Date Of Death: Feb. 15, 2014”

“Beware of Russians”