Retro Create-a-Caption: 'Hey Scottie, you've never looked better!'

While searching around for some old pictures of the Dream Team, I found this gem of Charles Barkley holding a huge portrait of Scottie Pippen. The picture was taken in 1996 during the second "Dream Team's" training camp in Chicago. How did this Pippen painting end up anywhere near Barkey and the team bus?

Man, I wish the Chuckster was in Beijing. If he sat in the studio with Bob Costas and Bela Karolyi, the comedy would never stop.

Anyway, put your best caption ideas down below ...

After the jump check out the winner from the Synchronized Badminton C-a-C

Synchronized Badminton


"i think the one on the right is in the wrong position. notice his feet are not properly flexed and his racket was dropped way too early, these guys need to work on their synchronization if they want to be contendors. i give them a 6.5 due to the low difficulty of the routine."

Photos via Getty Images

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