Report: Kobe Bryant’s wife got mad at him for shirtless picture at Team USA party (PHOTO)

Just like any wife who saw a photo on the Internet of her previously philandering husband sitting shirtless on a bar in a Barcelona nightclub with two young women, Vanessa Bryant was "embarrassed" and "furious" last week when she saw a photo of Kobe in a compromising spot at a Team USA basketball function in Barcelona, according to TMZ.

TMZ says Vanessa wasn't upset because she thought Kobe was cheating on her; she was upset that he allowed himself to get in a position where such a picture was taken. The couple has had a tumultuous public relationship. They recently called off divorce proceedings in an attempt at reconciliation.

How did Kobe manage to get in that spot in the first place? A source tells TMZ that a drink spilled on his shirt and he was waiting for a replacement.

Vanessa flew to London with the couple's two daughters over the weekend to see Kobe and Team USA start the basketball competition. The trip was planned before the photograph hit the Web.

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Kobe and Team USA are 1-0 in the Olympic tournament. They are 55-point favorites on Tuesday night against Tunisia.

Team USA was in Barcelona playing exhibitions and celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original Dream Team. What's the old saying: When in Barcelona, do as the Barkley did?

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