Remarkable swag: Vintage 1988 torch relay jogging suit

Does "remarkable swag" sound familiar? It should. It's Fourth-Place Medal's remix of Ball Don't Lie's Phenomenal Swag. See anything noteworthy? Let us know.

Courtesy of our friends at First Cuts, we get to lay our eyes on a glorious relic from the last time Canada hosted an Olympics. This 1988 Olympic torch relay jogging suit is the perfect complement to your jheri curl and well-groomed mustache.

Just look at this bad boy. What's not to like? The really tight elastic cuffs will make your arms look huge, and the banding at the hem of the jacket will really define your waist. Basically, it's the perfect suit for looking good and feeling good. Plus, it's not retro-styled, it's actually retro. That authenticity is going to win you serious style points with the fashion elite.

And since it was worn during a Canadian torch relay, you have to imagine that it's both warm and fireproof. I'm not sure what situations you'll be encountering that necessitate both of those qualities, but if you ever do, this should be your attire. This is well worth your $3,000.

FPM Rating: Three (out of five) Oksana Baiuls

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