Remarkable Swag: Stussy's Vancouver Olympics line

Does Remarkable Swag sound familiar? It should. It's Fourth-Place Medal's remix of Ball Don't Lie's Phenomenal Swag. See anything noteworthy? Let us know.

Outside of the standard Team USA shirts provided by Nike, Ralph Lauren, and similar major retailers, it seems as if there haven't been a ton of notable T-shirts from the Vancouver Olympics. This is a problem.

We love shirts from anywhere. In fact, the more unique, the better. So it comes with great joy and surprise that we present this line of shirts from Stussy.

Why is it a surprise? Well, Stussy is a California-based company that got its start with the surfing and skateboarding contingent. Not exactly your hotbed of Winter Olympics activity.

Winter credentials or not, this set of shirts is pretty fun. I'm particularly fond of the "mask and crossbones" shirt, but they're really all pretty good.

Release details are pretty sketchy. From what I can ascertain, these shirts are only available in Stussy's Vancouver store. Let's hope for a wider release, because these are a really cool way to commemorate this year's Olympics.

FPM rating: Three (out of five) Oksana Baiuls

(via Hypebeast)

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