Remarkable Swag: PETA's Olympic pin

Does Remarkable Swag sound familiar? It should. It's Fourth-Place Medal's remix of Ball Don't Lie's Phenomenal Swag. See anything noteworthy? Let us know.

The trading of commemorative pins is almost its own Olympic event. People from around the globe gather to trade these little collectibles, then display them on vests. And if you want be the coolest pin trader, you need to have the freshest pins. So check out this totally normal and cool pin from PETA.

Wait. Why are the Olympic rings bleeding? That's gross. They're not even living. How can they be bleeding?

And is that a clubbed seal? Yep, that's a clubbed seal.

Is the Olympics mascot bludgeoning a seal? Oh, wow. That's really happening on the pin. That's, um, interesting. I was not aware that seal clubbing was now an Olympic sport.

Oh, I get it. This pin is to protest Canadian seal clubbing. I'm not sure what that has to do with the Olympics, other than that they're both in Canada, but okay. The Olympics should stop Canadian seal clubbing? We all agree that Canadian seal clubbing is terrible, but I don't think that falls under the Vancouver Organizing Committee's jurisdiction.

I'm no expert, but I'd bet you can get about 11 Mickey Mouse pins for one of these bad boys.

FPM rating: Two (out of five) terrified Oksana Baiuls

(via the modest Jamie Mottram who is the proud owner of one of these, courtesy of PETA)

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