Remarkable Swag: Olympic torchbearer mittens

Does Remarkable Swag sound familiar? It should. It's Fourth-Place Medal's remix of Ball Don't Lie's Phenomenal Swag. See anything noteworthy? Let us know.

If you paid close attention last night, you would have noticed that on the hands of most of the Canadian team, and on all of the torchbearers, were red knit mittens. They were emblazoned with a maple leaf, and they were pretty excellent.

I have some good news. Those gloves can be your gloves for just $10.

The red mittens have been a huge hit in Vancouver since their release in October, and have been repeatedly selling out in stores across the nation. Amazingly they weren't even intended for the public, but after the debut of the torchbearer's outfits, the response was too great to ignore. The rest is history.

Literally. Parents of children are snapping up the mittens left and right, both as keepsakes and handwarmers. It's hard to blame them. Unlike the disastrous Team USA berets of 2006, these mittens are actually stylish and functional.

Two million of the mittens have been sold, with another million shipped last weekend. After those are gone, you're out of luck. They're available in Canada from Zellers, The Bay, and Home Outfitters, or online right here. Once they're gone, they're gone forever. You better hurry.

FPM rating: Four (out of five) Oksana Baiuls

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