Remarkable Swag: An Olympic torch replica

Does Remarkable Swag sound familiar? It should. It's Fourth-Place Medal's remix of Ball Don't Lie's Phenomenal Swag. See anything noteworthy? Let us know.

Remarkable Swag is dedicated to bringing you the hottest Olympic merchandise on the planet, but sometimes we have to show you some of the more ludicrous items available. Today is one of those days.

From Birks, a luxury jeweler, comes this Olympic torch replica. It's almost 13 inches tall and is molded from metal and a composite material. It comes in a nice wood box. And it does nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing. It does look exactly like the real Olympic torch, so that counts as something. And as the website says, it "can be showcased in the form-fitted presentation box or exhibited as a free-standing sculpture on a sleek metal base," so that's another two things. But it doesn't do anything. No flame, no pen – not even a laser pointer.

All that would be totally fine if the torch cost, say, $30. It's a little more expensive than that, though. Right now, the torches retail for $295 CAD. That's a lot of money for a piece of curvy metal. And eBay is worse. "Buy It Now" prices range from $399.99 to $855.40! For metal in a wood box!

I can't understand spending nearly $300 for this thing, let alone close to a thousand. Maybe it's the allure of "limited edition," or the story of the Olympic Torch Relay that's included. Whatever it is, people are going crazy for this torch, when it's not even really a torch. I don't get it.

FPM rating: One (out of five) Oksana Baiuls

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