Rating the 12 Olympic posters designed by British artists

Chris Chase
Fourth-Place Medal

A series of 12 Olympic posters from Britain's leading artists were released this week ahead of an exhibition for next year's 2012 London Olympics. Six of the posters were made for the Olympics, while the other six were designed to commemorate the Paralympics, which will take place one month later.

Fourth-Place Medal chose our favorites and least favorites.

The good

Anthea Hamilton -- "Divers"

If the poster for "Vertigo" went synchronized swimming, this is what it would look like.

Martin Creed -- "Work No. 1023"

Pretentious title aside, this work literally interprets the three levels of the medal stand and metaphorically visualizes the fourth and fifth stands that signify all participation in the Games.{YSP:more}

Rachel Whiteread -- "LOndOn 2O12"

The rings are, of course, the five Olympic rings. Their incompleteness, which looks like a mark left by a cold drink, is a sign of the Olympics as social gathering. Yeah, I liked it a lot better before the explanation too.

The interesting (or the "I don't get it" section)

Fiona Banner -- "Superhuman Nude"

And Fiona Apple has her next album title and cover.

Gary Hume -- "Capital"

This was designed for the Paralympics. The artist says the red circle represents a wheelchair and the small black circle, a tennis ball. The half-painted circle represents a delicious black-and-white cookie.

Howard Hodgkin -- "Swimming"

I'm not going to be so cliche as to say that my 3-year-old nephew paints similar stuff in preschool. I will be so cliche as to say that my 6-year-old niece paints similar stuff in kindergarten.

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