'Protesters' break windows and clash with police in Vancouver

For the second day in a row, Olympic protesters clashed with police clad in riot gear in Vancouver. On Saturday, they went on a vandalizing spree, breaking windows and kicking cars as they walked along Vancouver streets.

Several people were arrested. The action was not organized by any single anti-Olympic group, and was apparently disjointed.

The protesters appear to have abandoned all pretense of promoting any political agenda. A hooded protester determined to provoke the police fell down. As police moved in to hand cuff him, he pulled out a camera and started taking photos of the police. Police finally mobilized with batons and hard helmets.

At this point, it's not clear what the protesters are trying to accomplish. Like the IOC, I support the group's right to protest, but isn't it all a bit late? The Olympics are here. The cauldron has been lit, the Opening Ceremony was a success and the first events are under way. This late in the game, knocking over mailboxes and kicking in car windows isn't protesting; it's hooliganism.

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