'Posh' appalled by men's figure-skating fashion

When it comes to men's figure skating, Victoria Beckham has gone and got herself all ruffled about ruffles.

After watching a parade of ribbons, lace, spandex, scarves, overalls and even one dude kitted out as a skeleton during Tuesday night's short program, the former Spice Girl had seen enough.

Her advice to the ice boys was to opt for outfits more like those worn by her soccer-star husband and legendary clothes horse David Beckham — even though Becks was once seen in public wearing a sarong early in their relationship.

“I wear the feathers in my relationship,” said Posh Spice in an appearance on "The View" on Wednesday. She was referencing the gear sported by American medal contender Evan Lysacek. “If David came home dressed like that — could you imagine? Terrible.”

We think she should be more concerned about whether he'd go out in such bizarre items, but either way, she'll have plenty to ponder when the men's stars turn the Pacific Coliseum into an icy catwalk again during Thursday's free-skate program.

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