Polo’s Olympic uniform retails for more than $1,000

It'll cost just as much to dress like an United States Olympic athlete than it would be to fly to London to watch them compete.

Purchasing all the items in Polo's official United States Opening Ceremony uniform, released Tueday, would cost well over $1,000 when bought from the company's online store. The clothes are nice, but if you want to go Ryan Lochte (far left) for Halloween, it'll be cheaper to buy a Speedo and some goggles.

Here's the price list, courtesy ralphlauren.com:

Team USA classic-fit shirt: $89.50

Team USA flat-front trouser: $295.00

Team USA silk tie: $125

Team USA grosgrain belt: $85.00

Team USA nubuck uniform shoe: $165.00

Team USA ceremony beret: $55.00

Team USA double-breasted blazer: ???

Total: $814.50 -- If the pants cost almost $300, it's safe to bet that the jacket will go for much higher. (The women's skirt is retailing for $498!) Let's be conservative and guess the blazer goes for $350; that's close to $1,200 total, not counting tax. (On the bright side, shipping is free for purchases over $195.)

But we come not to slam Polo; not at all. The company's fine craftsmanship, classic styling and American ideal makes the company a perfect fit to clothe our Olympic team. I'm sure if you were able to cut through all the denim and nick Ralph Lauren's arm, you'd find his blood running red, white and blue.

Their clothes are timeless, hold up well and fit perfectly. Quality comes at a price. And the classic look is classic for a reason. I'd rather have our athletes look like extras from "The Great Gatsby" than whatever it is LeBron James thinks is the newest trend.

All that said, there's one huge issue we all should have with the uniform. I think you know what I'm talking about, Ralph.

A beret? The American Olympic team is going to be represented by a French hat? Why not just put them in Hermes and drape them with the tricolour. Serious question: Does this young man look like he's getting ready to train for the javelin throw or attend surrendering training for his admission into the French Foreign Legion?

Take the beret off and this guy is purely American, right down to the white shoes before Labor Day and the $1,000 outfit. Put the beret on and he looks like he's ready to lose to Michael Phelps and Jason Lezak in a relay race.

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