Payback: Deron Williams catches Kevin Love napping on the team bus

Jeff Eisenberg

It took only two days for someone to get revenge on Kevin Love for the hilarious photo the All-Star forward snapped of his U.S. teammates snoozing during Thursday's flight to London.

Deron Williams did the honors Saturday, tweeting a photo of Love nodding off on the team bus with a hood over his head and dark sunglasses covering his eyes. It was fitting punishment for Love after the photo he took of six players and coach Mike Kryzyzewski all slumbering went viral in the past 48 hours.

"Payback," Williams wrote.

"Caught me slipping," Love admitted.

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The two photos continue an unlikely NBA meme that emerged last season thanks to the delight Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan took in capturing photos of his teammates and coaches conked out on the team plane. Jordan took many a funny photo, always accompanied by the Twitter hashtag "#GotEm."

The U.S. squad continued the phenomenon during its Olympic tune-up schedule, with Love and company catching a snoozing Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook, among others.

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The only good news for Love is he didn't look nearly as goofy sleeping as his teammates did Thursday. Whereas Chris Paul was caught hugging his pillow for dear life and Anthony Davis had an open mouth and blanket pulled under his chin, Love's hoodie and shades look is almost bad-ass by comparison.

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