Pairs short program: Follow the action live

Fourth-Place Medal

The first of the individual figure skating events -- the pairs short program -- will be contested today.

Yahoo Sports' Lawrence Yee will live blog highlights from the competition. You can tweet him questions @lawryee.

Russia's Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov and Germany's Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy are among the favorites for a medal. Two American teams -- Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir and Felicia Zhang and Nathan Bartholomay -- will also compete.

Check out the pairs short program skate order. NBC subscribers can watch the event live.

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7:00am PT: Good morning and welcome to Yahoo Sports' live coverage of the pairs short program from the Sochi Olympics. 20 pairs will compete. All pairs must complete seven required elements: a twist lift, a side-by-side jump, a step sequence, a throw jump, a hand-to-hand lift, a back inside death spiral, a pair combination spin. There are two marks: the total elements score and program components score.

7:05am PT: First up, Takahasi and Kihara of Japan. She hangs onto the side-by-side triple Salchow, looked a little under-rotated. The music is "Samson and Delilah." Stumbles out of the throw triple Salchow. Not a bad performance for this new pair, who have only been skating together for a year. The lift wasn't bad but he needs to master his throwing technique. They score 48.45.

7:13am PT: Next up, Della Monica and Guarise of Italy. Another "Samson and Delilah" program. He just fell right after the opening pose. Nice twist and triple Salchows. Nice position and arch in the death spiral. She is a lot more experienced than he is. Slow pairs spin to close. They score 51.64 to move into first.

7:20am PT: Next up, of Ziegler and Keifer of Austria. Double twist instead of a triple. Nice triple Salchow though. Throw triple Salchow good as well, she is very secure with the jump. That was a good program for the Austrians -- the first clean program of the night. There's definitely room for improvement in their speed and security. They score 49.62 to move into second.

7:26am PT: Next up, Peng and Zhang of China. He is the silver medalist of 2006. He has a rat tail. They skated this program spectacularly during the team event. Clean triple toes. Nice expression to "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Huge triple twist followed by throw triple loop. Excellent short program, he is very strong and has improved his aristry immensely. They score 70.59 to easily move into first.

7:32am PT: The next group includes both American teams. Remember to tweet your questions to @lawryee. Also, remember the "Iron Lotus" from "Blades of Glory"? Find out if it's possible here.

7:39am PT: First up in this second group, Davidovich and Krasnopolski from Israel. "Ladies in Lavender" soundtrack, appropriately wearing purple. Out of sync on triple Salchows but clean. Nice highlight move in their pair combination spin. Another nice program for a new team. They score 53.38 to move into second.

7:46am PT: Next up, Castelli and Shnapir of the United States. He is of Russian heritage. Real set their mood with their opening positions. She was a little wide on the entrance to the Salchow but hung on. Lots of nice transitions between moves in this Santa program. Great distance on the throw Salchow. Much better than the team event. They score 67.44 to go into second. A new season's best.

7:53am PT: Up next, Zhang and Bartholomay of the United States. He may have touched down on the triple toe loop. They're not as dynamic and explosive in their elements as their teammates. A good but unremarkable skate. They'll definitely be behind Castelli and Shnapir. They score 56.90, 10 points behind the other U.S. pair and into third.

8:00am PT: Up next, Kemp and King of Great Britain. They really struggled in the team event. Crashy triple twist. Only double Axels, and she definitely cheated hers. Lasso lift. Throw triple flip got no height and had no chance. Unfortunately, too many technical mistakes. They may not qualify for the free skate. They score 44.98 and are in 8th place.

8:06am PT: A short break before the next group.

8:30am PT: Wende and Wende from Germany are the first of four pairs in this third group. They had a pretty good short in the team event and will want to replicate that performance here. Footwork into split triple twist. "November rain" is the music. Nice triple toes. A far more successful throw triple flip than the British team. Unnecessary fall on the death spiral, she just slipped on the exit. They laugh off their mistake. A real shame because they were easily one of the better pairs tonight. They score 59.25 and go into 3rd place.

8:37am PT: Lavrentieva and Rudyk from Ukraine up next. Only double flips for their solo jumps. Scratchy on the throw triple loop and slow in the pairs lift. They are noticeably slower than the other teams. Unfortunately I'm not sure they will make the free skate. Only 16 of the 20 pairs will move forward. Attractive couple though. They score 44.30 and are in 10th place.

8:43am PT: Up next, Lawrence and Swiegers from Canada, the first of three Canadian pairs. All the Canadians have good character-drive short programs. Lateral twist! Step out by her on the triple toe loop. Difficult entry into the death spiral. First throw triple Lutz of the night. Energetic choreography. They score 58.97 and are into 4th place.

8:50am PT: James and Cipres from France are up next. They'll want a better skate than in the team event. Big triple twist, triple toes and throw triple flip. Big smile by Vanessa. She looked so miserable during the team event. A little slow on the pair spin but otherwise a good performance. They look very happy. They score 65.36 and they're into 3rd behind Castelli and Shnapir.

9:00am PT: Two more groups to go. Remember to tweet your questions to @lawryee.

9:02am PT: Some medal contenders in this group, including the Germans, who have a new short program.

9:05am PT: Up next, the first of three Russian pairs. Stolbova and Klimov from Russia. They helped Russia win the gold medal in the team event. Their costumes are my favorite so far. She always looks very intense. Great height on the triple twist. Clean triple toes. Throw triple flip also clean. She is very expressive in the footwork, some nice dance holds. They score 75.21 and surge ahead of the Chinese into 1st.

9:11am PT: Duhamel and Radford of Canada are next. Triple twist good. Side-by-side triple Lutzes, possibly a little cheated but still the hardest jumps in the event. Eric composed this music. Best throw triple Lutz we've seen so far, and again the hardest throw being attempted. Lots of technical content here, and that might be the edge. No, it's not enough. 72.21 and into 2nd.

9:18am PT: Savchenko and Szolkowy of Germany are up. They have a new short program adapted from their "Pink Panther" free skate from a few season's past. Biggest throw triple flip of the evening. A high triple twist. Clean triple toes. All the hard stuff behind them. A fun program. 79.64 and into 1st.

9:24am PT: Berton and Hotarek of Italy are next. She had a bad fall in the team event. She was leaning badly on the triple toe and hands down. Nice recovery on the triple twist. They're a very attractive couple. Dancey footwork. Not as good as they skated in the team event. They score 63.57 and go into 7th.

9:39am PT: A quick break before the final group take the ice.

9:53am PT: First in the final group, Volosozhar and Trankov of Russia. Monstrous triple twist. Perfect triple toes and the crowd erupts. Perfect throw triple loop. I've seen them skate this a little more passionately but still very clean. Standing ovation from the crowd. Johnny Weir agrees that they were a little more reserved. They score 84.17, a world record.

10:00am PT: Another Russian pair, Bazavora and Larionov, are up. They don't quite have the same speed or command of the ice as their countrymen. He doubles the solo toe loop. Not a bad program, but didn't stand out like the other Russian pairs. They score 69.66 and are into 6th. The audience boos.

10:07am PT: Pang and Tong from China are up. They are the reigning Olympic silver medalists, and many believed they deserved gold in 2010. Their music, the "Lady Caliph," was used by 2002 Olympic champions Berezhnaya and Sikharulidze. Her triple toe was definitely under-rotated. Huge triple loop. His posture is better than hers, which is evident in the step sequence and pair spin. A little sedate, but a good performance. They score 73.30 and are into 4th.

10:13am PT: The final group Moore-Towers and Moscovitch from Canada. This is another program with clever choreography. She was very focused going into the triple toes, which were clean. Strong lift with turns in both directions. They score 70.92 and are into 6th.

Final standings:

1. Volosozhar and Trankov (RUS)

2. Savchenko and Szolkowy (GER)

3. Stolbova and Klimov (RUS)

4. Pang and Tong (CHN)

5. Duhamel and Radford (CAN)

9. Castelli and Shnapir (USA)

Full standings can be found here.

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