Pac-10 rules the Olympics

When looking up which college had the most Olympians, I was certain of two things: that Stanford would win, and that I would see the words "well-represented" in every release. I was right on both accounts.

Stanford is the winner, with 46 Olympians and one coach. This isn't a huge surprise, considering Stanford's dominance of intercollegiate athletics. The Cardinal are especially strong in water polo and swimming.

UCLA, who finished behind Stanford in the Director's Cup standings, is sending 31 athletes and six coaches. Fellow Pac-10ers, Arizona, is sending 23 athletes. For those who don't like doing math - like me - that's 100 Olympians from just three Pac-10 schools. (Yes, I used a calculator.)

The Pac-10 does not hold the monopoly on Olympians, as Texas and Michigan are also sending large contingents to Beijing. Texas's 18 athletes includes several swimmers who have been training in Austin since graduation. The Michigan Wolverines are sending 22, led by Michael Phelps.

As for which school could go without using the words "well-represented," only Michigan could withstand the temptation. Good job, Blue!

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