Ottawa bars will not be serving alcohol for Sunday's gold medal hockey game

Fourth-Place Medal

Canadian patrons will flock to bars early Sunday morning to check out the gold medal hockey game between Canada and Sweden, but those watching in Ottawa will have to do so without their favorite alcoholic beverage.

The game begins at 7 a.m., but Ontario liquor licenses don’t allow alcohol to be served earlier than 11 a.m. in bars and restaurants.

Pub 101 in Ottawa said it twice appealed to Ontario's Alcohol and Gaming Commission to extend the drinking hours and were turned down. That means Pub 101 and similar Ottawa bars will miss out on a potential financial boon for the most exciting game of the year.

While Ottawa might be dry until 11 a.m., Toronto won’t have that problem. Even though it is also located in the Province of Ontario, Toronto has controlled its own alcohol serving hours for the past eight years. The Toronto City Council approved a motion that allowed for early alcohol sales for Saturday’s bronze medal game and Sunday’s gold medal game.

Of course if you happened to be in Halifax for Friday’s quarterfinal game between the United States and Canada or Saturday’s Finnish victory over the Americans for the bronze medal, you can partake of this special soup.

Well played, Canada. Well played.

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