Olympic Village café evacuated after fire alarms sound (PHOTO)

LONDON — Ah, the peaceful gated serenity of the athletes' Olympic Village, where competitors can relax before their events and O.M.G. FIRE ALARMS!

Athletes and Olympic Village personnel used social media to mention that the village's café had been evacuated around 2:15 p.m. BT, as fire alarms sounded.

Jamaican event rider Samantha Albert wrote on Twitter: "Evacuation of the Olympic dining hall... FIRE!!!"

Said Russian women's basketball player Anna Petrakova on Twitter: "Fire alarm went off in the Olympic dining hall. (Had to evacuate with a plate)."

We'll update when there's more information. This would typically be the kind of story a cynical local media would seize on as a problem with London's staging of the Games; luckily, Team Great Britain is winning roughly one medal every 20 seconds, so this'll be a footnote.

Photo via @Kristenpye_x

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