The Olympic iPhone looks like it's been bedazzled

If you've got an extra $8500 dollars laying around your house you could be the proud owner of one of the most blinged out phones I have ever seen.

The Olympic Diamond iPhone.

De Vere's of London has created several different diamond encrusted iPhones, one of which has 88 diamonds on it to commemorate the Beijing Olympics. (As you'll see over the next few weeks, the number 8 is very important in Asian culture)

While I think the phone looks cool, and is probably more impressive in person, I just can't see paying over $8,000 dollars to have somebody basically "bedazzle" a phone.

If you want the diamonds so bad why not just wear them around your neck or something?

De Vere's is giving its customers the ability to design the diamonds on the phone whichever way they want, but the catch in this entire process is that the customer must procure the iPhone first and then send it to them.

I would at least expect the Olympic iPhone to have some sort of Beijing logo on it or something. It looks in the pictures like there are just diamonds on the phone, no mention of the Games. Doesn't that mean if I took an iPhone and 88 diamonds to my local jeweler and had them insert the diamonds into the phone, I would have an "Olympic iPhone" as well?

If you're in need of having some flair on your phone that badly, just have your daughter/sister/mother put some cool designs on it for you with the bedazzler.

Save your money for an Olympic souvenir that's a little more practical.

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