Olympic field hockey venue has a Boise State feel

College football fans! Irritated that this whole Olympic business is taking precious time away from news about two-a-days? Ticked about all this news of archery and badminton when you'd rather be reading police reports on the arrest of your rival's cornerback? Well, we can't speed the Olympics along any faster, but we can tell you that there are at least some cultural crossovers. (No, the SEC has not yet formed its own sovereign nation to dominate the Olympics, too. Not yet.)

Behold the blue pitch of Riverbank Arena, a 16,000-seat venue which will host field hockey activities. Bedecked in the striking colors of the 2012 Games, it reminds us of something ...

Yep, that's it. Boise State, home of the most distinctive turf in college football.

This being new, and different, naturally the turf has come under criticism. USA Today notes that India coach Michael Nobbs zeroed in: "In France we played on green turf which was fast, while blue turf was slow and bouncy. I don't know why this turf has been introduced. I can only guess that blue being one of the Olympic colors, they have introduced it [for these Games]."

Lowering expectations and blaming the venue before the competition even begins? That's page 1 out of the college football coach's excuse handbook! Well done, Coach Nobbs.

Field hockey begins on Sunday and will continue through early August. After the Games, the venue will be disassembled and rebuilt a few miles away from its current spot in the Olympic Park.

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