Ohno's father with him every step of the way

If you've watched any short-track speedskating in the Vancouver, Turin or Salt Lake City Olympics, you've seen Yuki Ohno. Supporting his son, Apolo, has become old hat for Yuki.

Yuki introduced his son to the sport, and kept the faith when Apolo went through the bumpy teenage years. Yuki drove his son to Vancouver from Seattle for training, and when Apolo was 14, Yuki let his son move to Lake Placid to train full time. After Apolo missed his chance to skate for the U.S. in Nagano in 1998, Yuki took his son to a cabin in the woods and let him deal with the loss on his own, a turning point in Apolo's career.

Saturday night, when Apolo skated to a silver and tied Bonnie Blair's record for the most medals by an American in the Winter Olympics, it was Yuki, as always, supporting his son, snapping pictures on his phone.

"We didn't come here to break the record. It's kind of a bonus to him," his dad said. "His confidence level is just way up there."

And if Ohno goes on to break Blair's record, you can bet that his father will be nearby.