Oh, brother: Canada's first day with no medals

Charles and Francois Hamelin made it official: The brothers' fourth- and fifth-place finish in men's 1,000-meter short-track speedskating Saturday capped Canada's first day at these Games without a medal.

The big concern is that Canada's men's short-track team is now empty-handed in two events, the other being the 1,500 seven days earlier at the Games. One expects a disappointed reaction when a country has two skaters in a five-man final and yet comes up empty.

Charles Hamelin (pictured) is among the top five skaters in the world over 1,000 meters, but the 500 is more his specialty. Francois Hamelin, as NBC noted, wasn't quite in the class of the other finalists, including Korea's Jung-Su Lee and Ho-Suk Lee, who finished first and second, respectively, with Apolo Ohno netting bronze.

Canada's lone short-track medal so far remains Marianne St-Gelais' silver in women's 500 (and as you know, she is Charles Hamelin's girlfriend, so, awk-ward).

There had always been the possibility that this would be a zero-medal day for Canada – and with the U.S-Canada hockey game Sunday, maybe it was good not to have anything that overstimulate fans. But as broadcasters are prone to saying: That was not what the Hamelins had in mind.

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