Norway's curling team brings back the crazy pants

Norway's curling team brings back the crazy pants

Norway's men's curling team has quickly developed a reputation for fashion lunacy. At the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the team rode checkerboard pants to a silver medal. This year, they're back, and they've upped the ante.

When the team arrived on the ice for its first practice on Saturday, the Associated Press noted, curlers were sporting knee-length knickers, sixpence caps and the official socks of the Norwegian soccer team. In other words, lookin' sharp.

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"When (Norway team member) Chris (Svae) gave us these, I said, 'Come on, give me a break here,'" curler Thomas Ulsrud said to the AP. "I can go out there in loud pants and everything, but I said, 'You are going to cut them off at the knee? Come on.' But I hate to say it, they are really comfortable to play in. Nice and loose."

Norway will have nine different uniforms, and you can follow them all at a Facebook page dedicated to their fashion.

For a little throwback, here's a look at one of 2010's outfits:

The pants, manufactured by Loudmouth, are reminiscent of those now sported by golfer and Loudmouth spokesman John Daly:

If Norway keeps medaling, we're all for it.

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