Norm Macdonald hates Oscar Pistorius, but not for why you'd think

So Norm Macdonald paid a visit to Conan O'Brien's show on Wednesday night, and the comedian revealed he's not much of a fan of Oscar Pistorius. But he doesn't have a problem with Pistorius' alleged crimes; no, Macdonald's complaint with Pistorius is much more direct: "I feel that one of the basic requirements for being a sprinter is having legs."

Ooooof. But if you were offended by that, congrats: that's exactly what Macdonald was going for. A noted sports fan, he knows what he's talking about when it comes to athletic competition (no, we're not saying he's right about Pistorius); his Twitter feed is well worth checking out for abstract meditations on everything from golf tournaments to hockey games.

Plus, it's not like savaging athletes is new for MacDonald. His monologue before the 1998 ESPYs is a masterpiece of skewering every self-important glory-hounding athlete, and a main reason why he'll probably never be allowed anywhere near ESPN ever again. Check out a just-out-of-childhood Tiger Woods, and make sure to stick around for the OJ joke at the end:

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