No sailing Thursday because of no wind

Maggie Hendricks
Fourth-Place Medal

No matter how hard the London organizing committee tried, it couldn't control every aspect of the Olympics. Though it had everything in place to hand out medals in sailing Thursday, it was missing one crucial item: wind.

The men's 470 meals race was called off because the conditions in Weymouth were too still to allow for the sailors to race. Though the medals will definitely go to two  from Australia and one from Great Britain, who gets which medal has not been decided.

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Australia is in the lead. The Brits can win if they win, and the Aussies finish in third or worse.

"I think it plays the ball in our court a little bit if we wait longer," Luke Patience of Team Great Britain said. "I imagine if the Aussies are feeling anything it's more discomfort than we are. The longer it draws out, maybe that's a good thing for us and a worse thing for them."

It's not out of the ordinary for weather conditions to stop an athletic event. Baseball games are rained out often, and high winds forced pole vaulters to pick their times to go during this week's competition. But an event being canceled because the weather is too nice is a bit out of the norm.

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