No Johnny Weir at gala? Not much of a gala at all

Word came to Yahoo! Sports that Johnny Weir has not been invited to Saturday's Olympic gala, the exhibition that allows figure skaters to let loose and have fun on the ice. Skating officials can invite whom they want, but they didn't invite Weir, which means that the international sporting community will be denied this:

That's right: Johnny Weir's exhibition skate is set to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face." The world needs to see his art.

Since Weir placed sixth, it would be a stretch for him to get invited to the gala, but let's face it: Any gala without Weir sounds like a pretty lame party. If the outcry is loud enough, perhaps skating officials will rethink their Weir snub. The Johnny Weir War Wagon starts here. WAR, JOHNNY!

Thanks to Martin Rogers

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