No gold medal, but Hannah Teter keeps on winning

More from the "Hannah Teter is pretty cool" files. We already know she gives all her prize money to charity. And we know that she has her Hannah's Gold syrup, where all proceeds go to charity. We even know she sold some underpants for charity. Now we can add the AMP energy quilt to the list of good things she's done.

The entire time she's in Vancouver, the American snowboarder will be sleeping underneath this quilt, provided by AMP energy drink. After she leaves, the quilt will be auctioned off, and proceeds will go to charity. Furthermore, because she's doing this, AMP will be donating $20,100 to Teter's charity. Why $20,100? Because it's 2010, duh.

On the quilt is a picture of Teter throwing a sick method air. And it's enormous. At 95-by-99 inches, it can cover even her biggest fans. The cover is a soft, environmentally-friendly knit sewn on to an organic cotton duvet. With bamboo buttons and all-organic thread, it's a very green product.

Teter's charity, Hannah's Gold Foundation, helps to support the community in Kirindon, Kenya. The charity helps pay for children's school fees, provides safe drinking water, helps with local agriculture, and even trained home visitors how to care for HIV patients in their homes. Basically whatever Kirindon needs, Hannah's Gold helps to provide.

So when we say that Hannah Teter is "pretty cool," we actually mean she's very awesome.

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