Nike’s Team USA basketball logo is hideous

Nobody says United STATES of America. And when fans chant "USA," they don't hit the high note on the middle letter. You wouldn't know that based on Nike's 2012 Team USA basketball jerseys.

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The uniforms, unveiled Tuesday at a showcase in New York, feature a pyramid-shaped USA logo that has earned derision for looking too angular, too Superman-like and way too ugly.

The company touted the lightness of the fabric and its composition -- made from 96 percent recycled polyester and 22 recycled bottles and weighing only five ounces -- but it was tough to see past that logo. (And who knows what five ounces weighs anyway? O.J. Mayo isn't going to make the team, right?)

Nike unveiled the uniforms for both the men's and women's U.S. teams but didn't say whether the logo would be used in other uniform designs. Here's a free tip: Don't. That thing is so bad I thought the initial Twitter post announcing it was a hoax.

The bad Nike designs didn't stop with logos. A new track and field suit, said to revolutionize the sport, debuted at the show on Tuesday. Nike claims the skin-tight suit will shave 0.023 seconds off a 100-meter time.

That's good news for American sprinter Tyson Gay. His chief rival, Jamaica's Usain Bolt, will be wearing Puma in London.

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