NBC Universal not afraid of the term 'media circus'

One of the drawbacks to the NFL for football fans is the two week gap between the conference championship games and Super Bowl. It gives the networks too much time to tell us stories we didn't need to know, and by the time the big game rolls around, a lot of its momentum has ceased. Too much coverage can be a bad thing.

We won't try telling that to NBC Universal, however. When the Olympics commence, viewers will be able to sift through a total of 212 hours of Olympic coverage every day via eight networks. NBC, USA, MSNBC, CNBC, Oxygen, Bravo, Telemundo and Universal HD will cover events, and the NBC Olympic Basketball Channel and NBC Olympic Soccer Channel will contribute a little extra to create the perfect recipe for blanket coverage.

Unlike the previously mentioned two week NFL break, the excessive Olympics coverage will feature real events with real results; a far cry from Sal Paolantonio reporting that Jerome Bettis' mom cooked breakfast for the Steelers 10 days prior to Super Bowl XL (I hear LeBron's mom makes a mean eggs Benedict though). In other words, this over-saturation is mostly warranted.

I'm not ruling out the possibility of features, human interest stories and trivial reports considering NBC has produced 1,500 athlete biographies. Even so, there will be plenty of action to keep the 212 hours of daily coverage busy. That's the sports fan's hope, anyway. That and the hope that Oxygen doesn't preempt any episodes of the the Bad Girls Club in favor of equestrian coverage. That show rules if you're into feeling bad about life and questioning the state of society.

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