The music of John Tesh is eternal

NBC might have inspired a venomous reaction from me last night due to their decision to tape delay live broadcasts to the west coast, but this morning the Peacock Network made it up to all of us. For their basketball broadcasts, NBC has brought back John Tesh's immortal 'NBA on NBC' theme music, using it during cuts to commercial breaks.

'Roundball Rock' was NBC's NBA theme from 1991-2002. When ABC acquired the rights to broadcast NBA games, they chose to spurn the synthesized melodies of the former Entertainment Tonight host in lieu of their own, less-awesome theme music. (Ratings have also dropped precipitously since '02. You do the math.)

Since then the song has only existed in the hearts and minds of humanity (and on the occassional replays on ESPN Classic). For the next two weeks though, it's back and we'll be magically transported to the '90s every time NBC goes to an ad break. I, for one, will be celebrating by busting out my Boyz II Men CDs, watching Blossom reruns and drinking copious amounts of Crystal Pepsi. Long live The Tesh.