The most remarkable Remarkable Swag of the Vancouver Olympics

Throughout the Olympics, Remarkable Swag has brought you the best in Olympic-related goods. But with the Games winding down, we feel it's appropriate to assess what truly was the best.

Surely among the most notable items at the Vancouver Olympics were the torchbearer mittens that became a retail sensation. The pleasing red-and-white gloves were originally designed as a cool little keepsake just for torchbearers, but demand became so intense that they were eventually issued to the public. And once they were, the demand became so great that people were traveling for hours just to have a chance to buy a pair. Some three million sets later, the mittens are a national treasure.

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On the other side of the spectrum is the scariest piece of Olympic memorabilia that we saw this year — PETA's Olympic pin. It's just your typical cartoon clubbing-a-seal-to-death pin that's such a huge hit with collectors. Put one of these on your vest, and you can be sure that no one is going to mess with you around the trading table.

However, we all know the most remarkable piece of swag overall at the Vancouver Olympics.

We'll never forget just how awesome Norway's curling pants are. They are truly legendary. And the best part is that if you really want your own pair, you can actually buy them. Think about how great that is. Not only were these pants recommended by acclaimed menswear blog Put This On, but if you pair them with a white polo shirt, you instantly have the best Halloween costume at any party. We can't recommend these enough.

But what's your favorite thing to buy at the Vancouver Olympics? Let us know in the comments.

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