Most marketable Olympians must strike while the iron's hot

Sports business writer Darren Rovell released his list of the 25 most marketable Olympians, and to the shock of no one, snowboarder Shaun White and figure skaters Kim Yu-Na and Evan Lysacek are at the top. White and Kim were already millionaires coming into the Vancouver Games, and with Lysacek's taste in cars, he needs to make some cash.

But the list gets more interesting as it goes on. Some of the other surprising Olympians include:

Cheryl Bernard and Kevin Martin: These Canadian curling medalists (silver for Bernard, gold for Martin) are also, in Olympic athlete terms, ancient. They're both 43, but their age is exactly what makes them so marketable. What person entering midlife wouldn't want to buy a bottle of whatever it is that made Bernard and Martin Olympians?

Hannah Teter: Yes, she is gorgeous and a two-time Olympic medalist, having won snowboarding gold in Turin and silver in Vancouver. It's not that marketers won't want her; it's that after these Games, she plans to live in a yurt and focus on her charitable efforts. The real question is, will Teter want the marketers?

Johnny Spillane: Having won America's first Nordic-combined medal put not only him but his sport on the map, but it was his teammate, Billy Demong, who garnered the most press. Demong, who will carry in the flag at the Closing Ceremony, won gold and celebrated his proposal to his girlfriend on the "Today Show." That's the way to get in the minds of marketing folk.

All of the Olympians listed here need to jump on every opportunity that comes along while they can. The purchasing public is fickle, and often only remembers Olympians every four years.

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