Morgan Freeman’s voiceovers return to give Olympic fans goose bumps

Rejoice Olympic fans, Morgan Freeman is back.

Freeman, who was the voice of Visa's Olympic commercials, returns for this year's summer Olympics in London and his first commercial hit YouTube on Monday.

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Freeman, in his "Shawshank Redemption" voiceover-like way, gives viewers goose bumps as he narrates over several amazing moments in Olympic history. Regardless of what Freeman is saying, however poignant, his voice makes you pay attention and care just a little bit more. For some reason, his baritone makes the Olympics that much more appealing.

Freeman's voiceovers were so popular during the 2008 Olympics that there were full message board streams and Facebook fan pages devoted to him.

This is not just a win for the Olympics or even Visa, it's a win for the fans.

Visa is also allowing fans the opportunity to cheer on their favorite athletes through the company's Facebook page. And some of those cheers will end up on Facebook or YouTube as part of Visa's Olympic campaign.

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