ModernTube: Chicago 2016 Olympic video

My main man 'Duk over at Big League Stew passed along this video from the Chicago Olympic Committee. I'm assuming this is one of many videos the COC will be showing IOC members over the next few months, in hopes of landing the 2016 Games. I'm sure a lot of time and money was invested into this commercial, I just think it leaves a lot to be desired. It looks like one of those montages you might see at a museum about the history of a city. I wished there had been some more energy in the clip, some more shots of Chicago sports up front.

Why was there no mention or at least some pictures of the Bears, White Sox and Cubs ... and their fans? Don't give me the excuse that football and baseball aren't Olympic sports either. Chicago is one of the greatest sports cities in the world, yet the only sports-related highlights in the clip could have been taken in almost any city in America. Huh?

The narrator (William Peterson of CSI fame) discussed Chicago's "passion" but the pictures didn't show much of it. Having lived there for a few years, I can tell you that people in Chicago really do care about their sports, but I didn't think the video showed much of that. Obviously I'm not alone in thinking this clip could have accomplished more, I just hope the COC can make a better video before it's too late.

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