Mo' Sochi Mo' Problems — the only Olympic anthem you need in your life

Fourth-Place Medal

To be totally honest with you, it seemed like the whole idea of #SochiProblems was starting to get played out. The "been there, done that" phase was creeping in, while we instead moved on to "Star Wars" mash-ups and Dancin' Kate Hansen.

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But now, it's time to bow before the the Sochi Problems phenomenon once again, as it has produced this glorious 87 seconds of Internet entertainment called "Mo Sochi Mo Problems" by DJ Steve Porter. We must bow to him too, because this is brilliant.

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This video — a mash-up of Notorious B.I.G.'s "Mo Money Mo Problems" and modern dance music — has it all. It hits the #SochiProblems jokes we all know, brings a dancing Vladimir Putin to the party and even adds a dash of the "Trololo Song," a viral sensation rooted in Russia.

DJ Steve Porter has previously given us a Richard Sherman "I'm the Best in the Game" remix and the Rob Ford crack remix, among others. Mr. Porter nails it here — bravo, good sir.

Let's put this in the Sochi time capsule right this very second. 

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