Missy Franklin ‘nervous’ before high school meet

Maggie Hendricks
Fourth-Place Medal

Missy Franklin won four gold medals at the London Olympics. Since then, she's appeared in front of crowds at a Denver Broncos game, "The Tonight Show," and at plenty of different awards shows. Though she's a teenager, you think these experiences would drum nervousness right out of her, right?

Wrong. She is still a teenager, and found herself quite nervous before a dual meet. Competing for Regis Jesuit High School, Franklin said she was surprised but happy that she was so nervous.

"All my teammates were like, 'What is wrong with you?'" Franklin said. "I was so nervous and I love that. It shows me that the excitement of the sport is still there, no matter where you go. It can be here or the Olympics, but I still get so excited to get in the pool every single time.

To the shock of no one, Franklin easily qualified for the Colorado state meet with her four swims. There was controversy behind Franklin's decision to swim, as some critics said it wasn't fair for such a decorated swimmer to compete against other high schoolers. But Erica Perhada, her competitor's coach, said Franklin actually helped her team by raising the level of competition.

"They were working as hard as they could," Peharda said. "Missy's such a great role model. She's very positive. The girls were excited. I don't think they felt like she's taking anything away from them. It's really cool that she's swimming for high school."

Franklin posed for pictures with her competitors after the meet was over. Anyone who was worried about her motives for swimming in high school meets should be calmed down by the fact that Franklin was so excited to swim with her high school teammates. Though she's an extraordinary athlete, she wanted the chance to be an ordinary high schooler. What's more ordinary than being nervous before a swim meet?

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