Missing Olympic medals found ... in a sock ... on a stairwell

When most people find a single, missing sock it's often in the laundry room laying behind a dryer and covered in lint. When Shane Noordhoff found one, it was stuffed with four Olympic medals.

While picking up his stepson from a San Antonio-area Boys and Girls club, Noordhoff found the three golds and one silver that had been stolen from the car of American swimmer Josh Davis earlier in the week. Yahoo! Sports Video has the story:

Davis, a relay swimmer at the 1996 and 2000 Olympics, said he figures that media attention on the stolen medals convinced the culprit to leave them on the steps of the Boys and Girls Club. The medals were in a sock because Davis had brought them on an out-of-town speaking engagement. He told the San Antonio Express-News that he likes children to experience the feeling of wearing them and hopes that doing so will serve as a motivational tool.

Oddly, Davis lost another silver medal two years ago. Apparently that experience wasn't enough to convince him not to keep his other four medals visibly stuffed into a sock in an unlocked car.

Noordhoff and the Boys and Girls club will share a reward that had been offered by Davis.

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