Minutes before the Opening Ceremony, rain starts falling in London

Chris Chase
Fourth-Place Medal

There was a rare sighting of a giant star called "the sun" in the British sky on Friday, leading to some misguided optimism that the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics would be held in weather befitting the grandness of the occasion. Then reality set in and it started to rain.

Not that rain will put a damper on the evening. This is London. Drizzle isn't usually in the forecast; it is the forecast. Because of this, there's no backup plan for a wet evening. The performers will perform, the athletes will march and umbrellas will go up and down as needed. Backup plan. Ha! A little rain never hurt anyone.

By 8:45 p.m. in London, 15 minutes before the Ceremony was set to begin, the rain had stopped. At 8:55 p.m., it started again. On and off and on and off. If years of watching Wimbledon are any indication, expect more of the same throughout the three-hour affair.

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