Mickelson and Furyk want golf in the Olympics

The PGA Championship starts tomorrow (yeah, I had no idea either) and on the eve of golf's final major, two of the biggest American stars are advocating for their sport's inclusion in the Summer Olympics. At yesterday's PGA Championship media day (no, seriously... it begins in 16 hours) Phil Mickelson and Jim Furyk discussed their desire to see golf played on the world's biggest stage.

Said Mickelson:

"Having golf an Olympic sport is exponentially more important to the game of golf than the majors," Mickelson said Tuesday from the site of the season's final major, the PGA Championship at Oakland Hills. "The reason for that is it would bring in 168 different countries and their Olympic foundation and all those revenues and that would be going towards the growth of the game."

You think Phil was reading off cue cards there? Or was PGA Commissioner Tom Finchem feeding Mickelson lines through an IFB?

Golf bigwigs met with the IOC in May to discuss the sport's inclusion in the 2016 Olympics. A decision on which sports will be contested in '16 won't be decided until early next year though.

Even if golf does get a slot at the Olympics in eight years (perhaps in Chicago -- perhaps at Olympia Fields?), it's highly unlikely that Mickelson or Furyk would be competing. Both will be 46 then. But, hey, it's not impossible. After all, Greg Oden will probably be playing in those Olympics and he'll be 46 then too.

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