Michael Phelps is not so good at crowd-surfing

Michael Phelps decided to do a little crowd-surfing at XS, a Vegas club, this week, and as the video above (via TMZ, original finding credit to Papurazzi) shows, it didn't end so well.

People. That's Michael Phelps you're trying to hold up! An American icon! An American treasure! Is this how we treat our Olympic heroes, casting them to the floor as soon as we're done with them? You wouldn't have treated Gabby Douglas this way! (Probably because she only weighs about a third of what Phelps does, but still.) This is not the way to impress McKayla Maroney, folks.

Yeah, so, bottom line here: the Olympics are far too infrequent. These people need something to do with their time. Otherwise we'll end up putting all of them in the hospital.

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