Michael Phelps could return to the Olympics — as a golfer

Maggie Hendricks
Fourth-Place Medal

With 22 Olympic medals, Michael Phelps will always be associated with the Olympics. But he retired after the London Olympics, and has made it quite clear that he will not compete in the pool again.

Phelps is currently spending time in Brazil, teaching children to swim and touring the country that will host the next Summer Games. He is also taking advantage of the country's golf courses. He admitted he just may try the Olympics again -- as a golfer.

Golf will be an Olympic sport again in 2016, and Phelps joked that he could come back if he becomes an "amazing golfer," but admitted it was unlikely. Considering that each country can only send two representatives, Phelps will have to leap over Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson.

But this is Michael Phelps we're talking about. He's a freak of an athlete, and just may surprise us.

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