Michael Ignatieff, apparently not Canada's No. 1 fan

It might not shock that Michael Ignatieff, Canada's opposition leader, couldn't just offer a simple "Go Canada" when asked about the Olympic hockey tournament.

It is not quite John Kerry's Lambert Field moment, but it feeds the portrayal of Iggy as aloof and detached. The CBC's Suhana Meharchand kind of fed that stereotype.

"It's interesting: Michael Ignatieff, he wasn't wearing a hockey jersey and I told you I was only going to speak to people in hockey jerseys, but he just happened to be at the Aboriginal Pavilion across the road and so I talked to him. He's Russian background, so he was a little bit betwixt and between about who he's pulling for. He took the very pragmatic approach."

Did you get that? He might be cheering for the Russians, and he wasn't even wearing a hockey jersey. Pass it on.

For the record, Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, once said, "I do not believe in roots," in a book about his Russian heritage.

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