The Medal Stand: Traffic in Beijing is only getting worse

A few links to get your day going ...

Forget about the smog, the traffic problems in Beijing may turn out to be one of the biggest stories of these Games. Can you imagine driving in this? [Guardian]

Thanks to my FPM colleague Maggie Hendricks for passing along this great post about all the Olympic songs since 1976. I don't remember any of these though. [Rings]

Jessica Hardy is still sad after being kicked off the U.S. swim team. Who wouldn't be? So she did what anybody would do to try and feel better ... went to Coldstone and had an ice cream. [Press-Telegram]

The U.S. women's basketball team thumped Becky Hammon and Russia earlier this morning. [AP]

An interesting read about how far the Games have come technology-wise over the last 40 years. [LA Times]

I knew these protests in China weren't going to end well. [AP]

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