The Medal Stand: Mr. Bolt goes back to work

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If I had just won three gold medals and set three world records at the Olympics, I would go home and throw the biggest party I could. It sounds like Usain Bolt wants to do just that, but before he does he's got some business to attend to in Switzerland. That's where a large European meet starts Friday, and if Bolt can set a new world record there, the organizers are going to give him a pretty sweet bonus. [AP]

Jason Kidd is giving up his gold medal? [Las Vegas Review-Journal via Hotel Chatter]

Will the huge Olympics ratings actually help broadcast television? [Ad Age]

I think I am suffering from 'Olympic Syndrome' too. [AFP]

Why would the Milwaukee Bucks agree to go to China after they traded Yi? Michael Redd is racking up some serious frequent flyer miles this year. [AP]

Photo via Getty Images