The Medal Stand After Dark: Dick Ebersol is a happy man

A few links to get you through the night ...

A lot of people criticized Ebersol (right) and NBC for spending so much money to carry the Olympics, and before the Games it sounded like interest was at a low point. Fast forward a few weeks, ratings are off the charts seemingly every night, and according to this article, NBC has already raked in over a billion dollars in revenue. [Financial Times]

Good luck trying to find any 'fake' Olympic t-shirts in the streets of Beijing. [International Herald Tribune]

'What's up Pops?' is a phrase you might use when speaking to your grandpa, not the 41st President of the United States. Somebody might want to tell LeBron James this. [Washington Post via DC Sports Smog]

As Maggie pointed out, the softball competition gets underway tonight. Players like Monica Abbott will be getting their first, and maybe last, shot at glory. [Gannett News Service]

Bill Gates is a badminton fan? [AFP]

Photo via Getty Images

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